MM Technology is a private team of dedicated professionals. We have been building unique rallye trucks for various competitors in global events such as Rallye Dakar since 2003. 

Our company specialization is development and construction of both complete trucks and various parts including chassis, engines, roll cages etc. All of our trucks are thoroughly tested in harsh off-road Dakar Rally conditions thanks to our affiliation with MM Technology team that is also competing in our machinery.

Every rallye truck contains over 3 000 parts and is specially designed using 3D modeling software to ensure high attention to detail and precision at all stages of development and construction.




We are driven by innovation, taking steps forward every year while utilizing the latest technology and materials. This includes looking into the future of green energy rallye trucks and developing unique parts for competitive racing machinery.


Every rallye truck is made in accordance with the client’s specifications and requirements. Wide selection of available models and motorizations is just the beginning, we offer a high level of customization to suit various needs.


At MM Technology we provide rallye trucks with complete maintenance and repair services including keeping your truck in safe storage, preparing it for next competition, replacing spare parts or fitting it with upgrades.


Throughout the years we have made unique rallye trucks or parts for many racing teams. Below you can find a selection of those happy customers.

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Competition is in our blood and we love to see the MM Technology rallye trucks put their mark on sporting history. Our machinery successfully competes in various rallye events around the globe.


In 2002, Martin Macík Sr. met Jiří Žák. Martin was looking for a truck to compete in Dakar Rally. He didn’t find any luck in Tatra factory. However, Jiří knew someone who had already participated at Dakar and who could have helped. He introduced Martin to Ladislav Fajtl and then it all went pretty fast. In July 2002, they bought a truck and in 2003 they drove at their first race together. They found a LIAZ which participated at Dakar 1992 and few other races, however, the truck was parked there for many years unused. Martin bought it and fixed it in a few months – they used parts from other rally trucks too – and finally, they could try their luck at their first race. That is how it all begun.

Get hands on with MM Technology

Let us know what you expect from your new truck with a simple click.