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Technical Development

To be successful, we must constantly advance our technology. With our engineers, we continuously develop and test new solutions to always stay technologically ahead.

From concept to prototype

In addition to constructing the vehicles, we develop and implement cutting-edge technologies to deliver powerful vehicles that also excel in design. We begin with a detailed concept on paper, which evolves into a fully functional prototype.

Concept phase

The concept phase for rally vehicle development begins with detailed planning. We define the purpose, method, design, and functionality, and provide cost estimates. This thorough examination ensures the final product meets all expectations.

Prototype developement

The prototype development phase at MM Technology involves creating and testing new designs and technologies. This critical step ensures our rally vehicles are safe, reliable, and high-performing, allowing us to refine innovations and stay ahead in the market.

Prototype production

During the prototype production phase, we manufacture the initial prototype based on predefined, approved steps. This includes sourcing and assembling parts to construct the entire vehicle. Rigorous testing follows, addressing any issues before producing the final racing vehicle.

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MM Technology

Our trucks triumph in global races. Ready to claim your victory?

Our satisfied clients

We collaborate with ambitious teams across the world. Every truck that leaves our workshop gets its name. At the races, you can meet Cenda, Charles, Arnold, and more.

Firemen Dakar Team

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First touch

We’ll determine your goals and tailor a solution to meet them.



We’ll start manufacturing your new truck with the demands of the races.



We test all machines in conditions that simulate the toughest races.



A finely-tuned truck hits the races, and we provide a complete service.

Where innovation meets success

Where innovation meets success

We develop modern truck technologies for clients worldwide and provide comprehensive servicing.

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